NEAR Blockchain Accelerator

Build great business solutions with NEAR blockchain and get upto $200k in funding!


We're looking for startups with


A novel idea that solves a real-world problem


A relevant blockchain usecase

A purpose-driven team


Are building projects that are past the POC stage


What is the
NEAR Blockchain

The NEAR Blockchain Accelerator is a platform that opens up innovators in the blockchain space to opportunities, expert mentorship, technical support, and funding.

As a high-performance blockchain that operates on proof-of-stake and is sharded, NEAR Protocol comes with the authority of helping developers and startups push the limits of using blockchain technology. Together with Lumos Labs - an innovation management startup, the NEAR blockchain Accelerator is here to help startups who want to make it in the blockchain space build impactful products and find their footing in the blockchain space.


Meet the Startups joining the Accelerator Bootcamp

argoLogo (1).png

Argo Protocol

Founded by Prashant Maurya and Mitrasish Mukherjee, ArGo is a platform that enables enterprises, organisation, developers to easily ship their data on decentralised infrastructure with ease



Founded by Subir Singh, PredictRAM facilitates Predictive Analysis of financial and economic events using AI,ML. They're based in New Delhi, India



Founded by Arjun Naidu, NFTGate is unlocking the future of NFTs mainstream with gatepad, gate incubation, gate gaming exchange. They're based in Bangalore, India



Founded by Kamaljeet Singh, a simple, Low fee Payments in Any Currency with a Single Blockchain Wallet. They're based in Chandigarh, India



Founded by Rabie Almatarneh, StartFi is a content management platform using NFTs where a marketplace and a launchpad help content creators and celebrities mange their assets. They're based out of Tallinn, Estonia.

Meet the Mentors

Ganesh Swami.jpg

Ganesh Swami

Ganesh Swami is currently the CEO at Covalent, a leading blockchain data analytics startup. A serial entrepreneur, Ganesh has been in the data space for over a decade. He studied Engineering Physics at Simon Fraser University and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Jason Shah.jpg

Jason Shah

Jason Shah is currently Product Lead at Airbnb. Shah previously led product teams at Yammer, Microsoft, and Amazon. Additionally Shah founded and exited two startups in the education and collaboration sectors. Shah advises and invests in early stage companies as a Scout with Sequoia Capital. Shah lives in the Bay Area and studied sociology and computer science at Harvard University.


Didier Pironi

Didier is the co-founder and CEO of Suiteki, a crypto trading solutions provider. He has many years of experience as a business development analyst and has previously worked as a senior associate for PwC. He currently lives in London, UK.

What NEAR Blockchain Accelerator Offers


Upto $200,000 USD in funding (t&c apply)


Mentorship from champions in the startup and blockchain space


Go-to-market support with access to the NEAR ecosystem


Technical support to integrate with NEAR Protocol


Marketing and PR support

Developer support documents

NEAR Blockchain Accelerator Roadmap 

3 May

13 May

10 June

12 June

20 June

2 August - 29 August

18 Sept




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NEAR Blockchain Accelerator Bootcamp

Demo Day


Investment Offerings


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What is NEAR Protocol?

NEAR Protocol (also referred to as NEAR) is a cryptocurrency blockchain with smart contract functionality. It is designed to be developer friendly and facilitate the creation of decentralised applications. NEAR is also interoperable with Ethereum. NEAR is a delegated proof of stake blockchain that uses sharding to optimize performance. However, unlike sharding in other cryptocurrencies such as Polkadot, all shards on NEAR are viewed as part of the same blockchain. NEAR is also interoperable with Ethereum using NEAR’s Rainbow Bridge.

I built my product on Ethereum can I integrate it with NEAR Protocol?

NEAR Protocol's Rainbow Bridge will help you work between Ethereum and NEAR. ERC-20 tokens can now bridge to the NEAR blockchain and back to Ethereum. A trustless, permissionless protocol for connecting blockchains, and we're just getting started. Read our blog post: https://near.org/blog/the-rainbow-bridge-is-live/

I have a startup idea that I haven't implemented yet. Can I still apply?

How much funding will my startup get?

We're sure that you're working hard to build a great product for your startup and if you're able to deliver this effort in terms of a great product with a relevant blockchain usecase with a market research that validates your product, you are eligible to get funded with upto $100k.

Does my project have to have a blockchain usecase?

Yes, yes, & a 1000x yes! 😄

Do I have to build on the NEAR Protocol to be a part of this accelerator?
And will I have to do it all by myself?

Yes, you will have to build on the NEAR Protocol. Nope, we'll be there to lead you along the way. NEAR India accelerator will offer the technical support that you need to integrate with NEAR Protocol and build your solutions.

Is there a minimum team size for this accelerator?

Yup. Your team will need to be represented with two people at the least.

I am a student. Can I (my team) still apply?

The NEAR India Accelerator is open to anyone who can dedicate the time it needs to help you scale up. If you (and your team) fit this bill, apply RN! ✌🏽

What kind of blockchain projects can apply for the Accelerator?

Any project with a relevant blockchain usecase is welcome to apply. Your project can be based on NFTs, social tokens, dApps, decentralised exchanges, etc. If you have a something super innovative and novel, apply already! We'd love to support your project.

I have more questions that your FAQs don't cover! Where can I get in touch with you?

Great point! But we're looking forward to connecting with you and answering your questions. Hit us up on these digits! - [Email] - [Discord] - [TG]

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